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Analysing Data


MoonFire Ltd was founded in 2017 with a single mission: to help SMEs make the most use of their data. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customised, unique strategies, which maximises their insight and understanding of their data.

Let us help your business make informed decisions based on a solid understanding of what your data is telling you. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.

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Where the Passion Begins

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Data Architect

With over 30 years of experience in IT, Peter has a passion for getting to the crux of the problem and building out from it. The simplest solution is often the best, and the cost benefit is his prime focus.

I’ve been an IT professional – amongst other things – for over thirty years, and I’ve worked for a diverse range of companies and industries (from PG Tips to Challenger Tanks!). Two things have never changed: my fascination with computers, which first began when I saw all the flashing banks on lights on Gerry Andersons Space-1999 and UFO; and my determination to make a valuable impact with my work.

But I’m more than just an ‘IT guy’. I don’t just speak ‘computer’ – I speak ‘human’. My interests have always been broad, which is part of the reason I’ve had so many varied and exciting roles; I’ve worked as a programmer, designer, database administrator, IT architect, massage therapist and even a Games Maker at the 2012 Olympics! Always tenacious and hard-working, I have a flair for business, an inventive and enterprising mindset, and thrive as part of a team.

Here’s a little bit more about me…

I’m inquisitive and always learning. I gained lots of core skills from my BSc in Computer Studies; we studied CPU hardware, networking layers, software development, systems management and business analysis; and I learnt languages such as Cobol, Pascal, Unix and a smattering of C. But my progress didn’t stop there: I’ve always adapted and taught myself new skills, depending on what the job required. Along the way I’ve also picked up Oracle SQL, Forms, PL/SQL and VQL. When I was working for a FTSE 100 wealth management company who needed me to help deliver their flagship annual report, written in Denodo, I increased my knowledge of virtual databases; when working for a defence-oriented company, I deepened my knowledge and understanding of hard and soft facilities management and the art of integrating third-party software packages. 

Whatever the role requires, I can do – and I won’t settle for simply learning the bare minimum. I make it my business to become an expert.

I enjoy problem solving. Designing ‘solutions’ is something I really excel at, particularly when these are Oracle-based: I’ve improved, built or architected solutions for large telecoms companies; small start-ups; insurance firms; and a number of MOD fronting organisations. 

A great example is the contract I undertook for an American company called Fourth Shift, who were working with Westland Helicopters in Yeovil to deliver a MRP2 system. However, there was a serious problem with quality and usability of the software package. The system wasn’t consistent or reliable – literally a case of ‘computer says no’ at times! I helped put a team together to undertake this project, and we collectively made such a positive impact that we were shipped out to Minneapolis to work on the quality and consistency of the core code. The overseas trip was a great success, the package was turned around and the implementation put back on track.

I can balance rigid attention to detail with fluidity of thought, depending on the situation. Computing is very absolute. It works or it doesn’t. It is right or it is wrong. As such, when I’m working with data - in say a Data Modelling or Architect role - I do my best to work with absolutes, with certainty. Precision is everything. Ambiguity is the enemy of modelling. However, when working in the Solution Architect space, I am the opposite beast. I work on the basis that whatever decisions we make, they could be wrong; so don’t worry about the detail, be agile, and just keep moving forward!

I’m a skilled communicator – and I love working as part of a team… A key function of anyone in an IT architecture role is to ’translate’ business speak into ‘English’; this then needs to be translated into requirements and eventually into a form a computer can execute. As IT architects we are very much in the communication business: human-to-human and computer-to-computer. The work can be intensely solitary or collectively-driven, so you need to be adaptable – and some of my most enjoyable professional experiences have been down to the people around me. I can work alone but I’m very much a team player.

… but I’m not afraid of making tough calls and delivering difficult messages. When working for EADS to design and develop an application to support the British Army, I came across some interesting personalities who continually butted heads. Progress was non-existent and we weren’t pulling in the same direction. I was more experienced than most on the team; but, more importantly, I wasn’t afraid to stand up for myself if I knew it would benefit the project (which, to me, is being a real team player). I clamped down on the bad behaviour and took the reins, leading and guiding the team to ensure we were headed in the right direction. It ruffled a few feathers but did the trick, and the project ended up being one of the most successful – and rewarding – I’ve ever been involved with. 

And that’s what it’s all about, ultimately: whether it’s computers or game making, I’m passionate about helping out and making a difference. That’s what drives me – whatever the role.

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