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Adapt or Die

So my little venture into Digital Market Research has taught me 2 things. Don't waffle, get to the point. Target a specific audience and don't confuse them.

So for example, my 'call to arms' posts on Linked In and Facebook, both had links to another blog, within which there are links to a range of surveys. Fail on both learnings above. Firstly there were no links in the original post to the surveys, and secondly the surveys were wide ranging and inappropriate to some of the audience.

So anyone who read the post had to read and click through about 3 articles to get to any one survey. Even with the best will in the world that ain't gonna happen. I received phone calls and e-mails of support, which was really greatly appreciated, but ultimately highlighted the failure of my approach.

Of the people that contacted me the overwhelming feedback was they couldn't answer the surveys as they were too technical and not in their field of expertise. Again I'd muddied the water with too wide a range of subjects. Horses for courses. Technical for Linked In; General for Facebook - simple.

The aim of the trying to engage with market research was to help determine what 'career path' I should take next, that would result in filling a need. I could have just taken a punt, follow my instinct and done an AWS course or two. It's a no brainer, but I wanted to make a more informed decision based on feedback from the surveys.

So my take away from this experiment is that I have learnt a little about the complexity of Digital Marketing, and appreciate even more the art of salesmanship, digital or otherwise. Time to make some changes and see if that makes a difference - it's all part of the journey.

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