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Difficult Times = A kick up the @rse

Updated: May 31, 2020

Ok so things have changed immeasurably this year. No sooner had we suffered the wettest winter on record, with huge numbers of homes and livelihoods ruined by the floods, then we get hit by the sunniest April on record - oh and a Pandemic to go with it! Commerce shut up shop, jobs disappeared and everyone started working or furloughing from home - oh and a huge number of people died that otherwise wouldn't have. Absolutely tragic.

Where does that leave small businesses? It leaves them without any compass points to show what is the 'norm'. There is no norm. The only constant is change. We must all change and adapt. Isn't that the #1 lesson Darwin gave us. Adapt to survive or die.

So with that in mind I've decided to reach out and do some digital market research, to determine what I can do to earn a living in this Alt- Reality we exist in. The old ways just won't cut it now! But what to ask about? Hmmmm. How about anything and everything that interests me? Cover all the bases so to speak. See what sticks.

So with that in mind here are a bunch of very similarly crafted surveys, on things that might just be my next crust earner - who knows? There is only one way to find out. JFDI !

Start with the familiar and work towards the weird

#1 - is Data Modelling still valued by Businesses or are sexier alternatives stealing the limelight?

#2 - what are the most common problems blocking Small/Medium sizes companies from developing their own bespoke Mobile Apps? Reasonable question

#3 - with all this death and despondency, what better time to write a Will, right? Why haven't you?

#4 - what with working from home and saving load of money by not going out, you'll feel like your own boss and be well on your way to Financial Freedom. No?

#5 - so staying healthy has never been so important right? So why aren't you?

#6 - looking good and having a great skin care regime is as important as ever right? Hmmm going weird now

#7 - Upping the weird scale now. All I can say is I have an interest in making and painting Heater Shields from the Medieval periods and I'm curious to know what issues like minded people (yes there are some) are experiencing getting hold of (literally) them and having them painted to their needs

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