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Planting the Acorn

Updated: May 19, 2020

Yes I know that's corny, even a-corny, but every business has to start some where and some time, and now is that time.

So, why MoonFire, what's in a name? Well, why not! Why Google? Why anything? Fact is, I was out cycling in the Cotswolds and passed a house called MoonStone and thought that was a pretty cool name. So with me having the Chinese Zodiac of a 'Fire Horse', and my wife being a witchy Moon worshipper (she doesn't actually run around naked worshiping the moon, but seems weirdly attracted to it), I thought it would be a cool name for our business.

The only trouble it doesn't give a clue as to what our 'business' is. I guess that‘a what the rest of the web site is for.

So there we go. Blog #1

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